Providing parents in-home support to address life skills and challenging behaviors with their child who has a developmental disability.


CITE (Community Integrated Training and Education) serves families of children and young adults (ages 3-22) who reside in Hamilton, Clermont and Warren counties.  A strengths-based holistic approach is used to deliver services in the home and community to help children and young adults grow, succeed and build a life that involves choices, community, relationships and respect. Our CITE staff are able to experience challenges in real-time and are there in the moment to partner with, coach and model interventions for family members, caregivers, and others. The goal of services is to develop effective intervention plans around issues such as toilet training, challenging behaviors, daily living skills, social skills, communication and executive functioning. Medicaid waivers and private pay accepted.


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Serving Hamilton, Clermont and
Warren Counties in Southwest Ohio
  • Nominated in 2017 for the Cincinnati Museum Center “Difference Maker” award


PatienceAs an only child, Patience lacked the boundaries that are usually established and enforced by older siblings. And like many children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, she had difficulty moving from one activity to another.

Patience would react to change by crying, screaming, kicking and hitting.  Her preschool teacher saw a need for Envision’s CITE services and referred her and her family when she was just a toddler.

CITE staff spent time with Patience and her mother working on making transitions easier and teaching Patience a variety of coping skills, including deep breathing exercises.  CITE staff practiced transitions with Patience and her mom – moving back-and-forth from a preferred task to a non-preferred task.

As Patience practiced, she became more adept at adjusting to new tasks and learned to more effectively manage change at home and in the community. With better coping skills, family time was more fun and Patience was more successful at making make friends.

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