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Supported Living

Providing adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities the support they need to live in the community.

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Our Supported Living program provides a variety of customized support services that make it possible for an adolescent or an adult with a developmental disability to live safely and comfortably in their own home or in a group living arrangement.

This support is available to private payers and to those eligible for services through county boards of developmental disabilities or funded through Medicaid waivers.

While we work primarily to assist with activities of daily living, Envision staff also serve as advocates to help individuals with developmental disabilities communicate their wants, needs, and goals. They also provide guidance that can help people enjoy their community and their home; and encourage attitudes and behaviors that enhance inclusion.

Living Life to the Fullest:

Rick Shines with the Support he Receives through the Envision Supported Living Program

Rick has been part of Envision’s Supported Living Program for the past 4 years. Since becoming a resident, Rick has developed a wonderful support system with Envision’s staff. Rosemarie Nelson, a Direct Support Professional who works with Rick, describes him as her traveling buddy. Together, they like to go on adventures, especially if it entails going out for lunch or to shop for jewelry.

When not out and about, the two like to plan their day together, making sure to balance the fun with their daily responsibilities. Rosemarie says, “at this house, we work together. It’s like one [big] family.” Brian O’Reilly, an Envision Community Living Care Coordinator, echoes this sentiment, adding that loving what you do makes all the difference. “Longevity makes a house work and we have that here,” says O’Reilly.

As for Rick, the support of his team has inspired him to work hard at his goals, including his job at Culver’s, where he has been promoted to Department Manager. Rick also has the support of his team while he raises money for the causes he cares about. Most importantly however, Rick knows that his team is always in his corner, especially on the days when he is feeling down. Says Rick, “if I have a real bad day, they help me out. Envision’s been good to me. This is the only company I’ve been with and the only company I will be with. I’m not going anywhere.”


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