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Partnering with parents of children with developmental disabilities to provide in-home life skills coaching with their child.

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CITE is a strengths-based and holistic home visitation program that partners with families to help children and young adults grow and thrive. We believe that “in the moment” coaching leads to the creation of effective development plans. We strive to equip families with the skills and tools they need to help their children achieve successful outcomes.

We specialize in:

  • Toilet training
  • Daily living skills development
  • Behavior coaching
  • Social skills development
  • Communication and planning

Who We Partner With:

We partner with families and caregivers to bring dignity of development and growth to children, youth, and young adults ages 3-22 diagnosed with a developmental disability (s).

Where We Partner:

CITE services are open to children, youth, and young adults eligible for developmental disability services through Hamilton, Clermont or Warren County Board of DDS.

Change is in CITE

Meet Kathryn (Katie) Juenger and Montel, age 6. Katie is a CITE coach who visits with Montel to help him learn new social skills. In this photo, Katie and Montel are using cue cards to practice what might happen in various scenarios. Katie reads the cards to Montel and asks him to identify if the scenario is a big, medium, or small problem. Once the size of the “problem” is known, Katie then asks Montel to imagine different ways to handle the scenario appropriately.

Activities like these help children diagnosed with developmental disabilities learn how to recognize and respond to their emotions. This leads to the development of strong social and life skills that will carry into adulthood. The CITE coaches at Envision partner with families to meet the individualized needs of the children we serve. Says Katie, “It takes a village to raise children and I am just part of that village. I know the disability and [the parent] knows [their] child. [We work] together to help parents put the tools we offer into place.”


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