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Family Living

Providing children and adults with developmental disabilities therapeutic foster care services for respite, emergency and long-term needs.

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When a child or an adult with a developmental disability is unable to live with their family of origin, Envision links them with screened, trained and certified foster families for therapeutic foster care, shared living and respite services.

During their stay, they have their own bedroom and are surrounded by their cherished possessions. Most importantly, they are treated like a valued member of the family and are supported in reaching their goals and aspirations.

Our foster care program is available to individuals who are eligible for services through county boards of developmental disabilities and to those funded through Medicaid or private pay.

Family Matters:

When a House Becomes a Home

John was just 14 years old when he came to live with Cynthia, an Envision Family Living provider, just three weeks after the death of his mother. Alone and afraid, John, a person with autism, was unsure what to expect. Over time and through kind and consistent interactions, Cynthia has supported John, now 24, in overcoming his fears. Through positive reinforcement, dedication, and determination, John and Cynthia have evolved into a strong and stable family. Says John, “I just feel safe living here.”

Cynthia stepped up to be the person in John’s life to help him believe-in himself and in his new family. With her support, John has grown into an independent young man and an active member of the community. He is an avid artist, enjoys computers, and spends his free time volunteering with local nonprofit agencies. His life now is what he has always wanted it to be-a life filled with trusting relationships and autonomy.


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