About Us

Our Story


Partnering with people with disabilities to envision and achieve their personal best.


A full and vibrant life for people with disabilities.


An active Board of Trustees leads Envision’s advancement. A number of our Board members derive their passion for our vision and mission from their own life experiences supporting family members with disabilities.

People Served

Envision serves more than
children and adults each year.

OUR PROGRAMS offer support to
individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities, syndromes associated with intellectual disabilities, and co-occurring mental health diagnoses.

communication, behavior, medical,
and physical needs.

unique strengths, gifts,
interests, and support systems of
each person we serve.


We CHAMPION the strengths of each person we serve. We strive to SUPPORT individuals as they discover and build upon their strengths to create a full and meaningful life. As a trauma-informed agency, we embrace the seven commitments of the Sanctuary® model: non-violence, emotional intelligence, democracy, social learning, open communication, social responsibility, and growth and change.

Each Person Belongs:
When people are connected to community, they have opportunities to engage, feel valued and be appreciated.

Relationships are the Foundation for Growth and Change:
Growth and change are rooted in relationship. We value the relationships that people with disabilities have with themselves, their families and friends, our nurturing staff, and the community.

Excellence is the Standard for All that We Do:
Professional development for staff and engaging in evidence-based practice are central to our mission. We are committed to the highest standards of service.


Our Story Begins with Love

In the 1960s, a small group of parents from Cincinnati’s west side dared to envision a better life for their children born with developmental disabilities. Defying the common practice at the time of sending their infants away to institutions, the parents were revolutionary in their refusal to deprive their children of connection, relationship, and love.

Facing a world without services, supports, and funding, the families quickly organized to create a safe space in the community where their children could learn and grow. Armed with a dream and fueled by their fierce desire to protect their children, the families embarked on a mission to create Cincinnati’s first residential school and home for children diagnosed with developmental disabilities.

In opposition to the advice from doctors and other leading experts, the parents persevered. Together, they worked to raise funds through grassroots efforts such as bake sales, the opening of small thrift shops, and soliciting support from local businesses. Then, in 1963, new mental health legislation was signed into law and the political climate began to change.

With federal funding for community mental health centers now available in the United States, the dreams of our founding families were now one step closer to reality. On the threshold of success, the families were able to rally and raise enough money to match the funds of one the first grants awarded in the State of Ohio and the dream was born. In honor of their commitment and passion, Threshold continues today as the name of the agency’s semi-annual newsletter.

In 2013, in celebration of our 50th anniversary, we changed our name to Envision. This new name acknowledges our commitment to keeping the innovative spirit of our founding families alive as we embark on a future filled with promise and hope for those we serve.