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Mental Health

Providing therapy tailored to the unique needs of people with developmental disabilities.

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Envision is a community provider in Greater Cincinnati that is dually certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities and the Ohio Department of Mental Health.

Our clinicians and mental health specialists are trained to identify and treat mental health and behavioral challenges that sometimes occur alongside developmental disabilities. Our treatment planning process includes:

  • Assessment
  • Therapy
  • Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment” (CPST)

This support is available to those with Medicaid and private insurance. We also accept private pay.

Mental Health is Me:

How Sophie Honors her Needs

Meet Sophie – Sophie is a person with autism who attends therapy sessions at Envision. Sophie likes to keep busy and enjoys a wide variety of hobbies and activities, including caring for her dog Cleo, playing her favorite video game (Star Stable), and even riding horses. Sophie also works a part-time job and maintains her own apartment.

Juggling a variety of roles, responsibilities, and activities can be stressful for anyone, and having autism can heighten feelings of anxiety and frustration. That is why Sophie attends therapy sessions at Envision. Through our mental health services, Sophie has partnered with therapist Carissa Blatz to learn healthy ways to manage and express her emotions.

Since being with Envision, Sophie has grown in her ability to maintain positive relationships with others and has learned how to “feel her feelings” in a healthy way. With the help of her family and Carissa, Sophie is now equipped with the tools she needs to help navigate the challenging situations that come her way.


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