Supported Living

Providing adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities the support they need to live in the community.


Our Supported Living program provides a variety of customized support services that make it possible for an adolescent or an adult with a developmental disability to live safely and comfortably in their own home or in a group living arrangement. This support is available to private payers and to those eligible for services through county boards of developmental disabilities or funded through Medicaid waivers. While we work primarily to assist with activities of daily living, Envision staff also serve as advocates to help individuals with developmental disabilities communicate their wants, needs, and goals. They also provide guidance that can help them enjoy their community and their home; and encourage attitudes and behaviors that enhance inclusion.


Individuals served in 2020


Hours of support provided in 2020

(588 hours/day)

Individuals who met their goals
Individuals satisfied with Envision's services
Serving Hamilton, Clermont and Butler
Counties in Southwest Ohio


Jeanette Garibay, one of Envision’s direct support professionals (DSP), has been visiting Marvin Moss in his apartment three days a week since 2008.  She helps him with a variety of life skills and is deeply embedded in the rhythm of his week.

She accompanies him to the YMCA, doctor appointments, grocery shopping and meals out at restaurants.  Sometimes she just sits with him to watch his favorite TV shows, like Dr. Phil, Family Feud and Wheel of Fortune.

“Marvin and I are like brother and sister and sometimes we even bicker! My grandkids view him as a part of our family.  You establish a routine as a DSP and really get to know that person,” said Jeanette.

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