Our Programs

Respite Care

Offering family-focused, short-term respite care for children and youth ages 8-18.

Our respite care program provides children and youth with residential care for up to 90 days.

We engage children and young people through developmentally appropriate practice and use coaching to encourage continued development of daily living and social skills. We also connect families to:

  • Long-term supports
  • Parent education opportunities
  • Resiliency building sessions

Families who participate in our program are linked to the support they need to develop strong relationships and are invited to return to our program as needed.

Envision understands the restorative nature of respite care. We also recognize that being away from your child can cause distress for families and the child they care for. Utilizing the Sanctuary® Model, Envision strives to create an environment that is warm, welcoming, and safe for all.

Learn More About the Sanctuary® Model

Interested in our respite program? Please contact your SSA (Service and Support Administrator). Please note that referrals for services can only be obtained through your SSA.