$55 for 55 | To Help Envision Thrive

To celebrate 55 years of continually providing services to children and adults with developmental disabilities, we’ve launched a “$55 for 55 | To Help Envision Thrive” fundraising campaign which will run through December 31, 2018.


Although the $55 for 55 | To Help Envision Thrive campaign honors our organization’s longevity and decades of impact, it’s also a way of looking forward and “envisioning” the next 55 years and making a “down-payment” on it.  A plaque commemorating the 55th anniversary will be displayed at Envision’s headquarters and will include the names of donors who contribute a minimum of $2 for each of the organization’s 55 years of impact ($110).

We encourage all of our Envision friends and families to consider donating at least $1 for each of the 55 years that our organization has been making an impact in Cincinnati.